Explorers Handbook 2024

Items prohibited at camp include: Toys from home, iPod/mp3 player, handheld video games, cell phones/smart watches (allowed- but we ask that they are not used for games), fireworks, lighters, matches, knives, razors, etc., firearms (including bb guns), paintball guns, airsoft guns, etc. Calendars Calendars are provided online at www.orlandpark.org. Please refer to these often and send campers with the correct clothing and activity items, i.e. sunscreen, messy clothes, campshirt, etc. Centennial Park Aquatic Center Explorers will be swimming at Centennial Park Aquatic Center, weather permitting. See Camp Calendar for CPAC dates. All campers will be required to wear a Tyvek wristband indicating they are Day Campers and are either a swimmer or a non swimmer. Pool staff will give a swim test to check the camper’s ability to use slides and diving platforms. If the camper passes, a special colored wristband, indicating the swim level, will be issued. When leaving the pool, campers are responsible for collecting their own belongings. Sunscreen Policy • Due to allergies, Day Camp does not provide any type of sunscreen for the campers • Apply sunscreen to your camper prior to camp every day • Campers will spend time outdoors on a daily basis • Send additional sunscreen, with your camper’s name clearly marked on it, on a daily basis • We will remind the campers to re-apply sunscreen prior to the pool or if outdoors for an extended amount of time • Assistance in applying sunscreen will be provided, if necessary


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