VOP Fall 2016


M Told by those who were there

was rather upset with the Americans who were obviously responsible for bringing their peaceful afternoon to a halt, and they showed it in various ways including spitting and I am sure cussing in Vietnamese, although we didn’t understand it. The result of our patrol was we netted one K.I.A. She was delicious but not as tender as US chickens (I’ve had Perdue and this was no Perdue chicken), and quite a net loss in the pacification program. My contention is that the shot (or shots) reported by 2-6 as coming from the village was actually from L.J.’s M16. The error is attributable to “the fog of war.” Just an innocent mistake. I am sure this kind of thing happened many times and in many places, mostly by the United States because of our superiority in weapons (and chicken). I am also sure that it is not limited to Vietnam but occurs in all wars both before and after. “AND THAT’S THE TRUTH.”



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